Every IT Manager is faced with a project that includes much more than just a technical aspect. When you require additional personnel, L. Ortega & Associates can help you meet these short-term or long-term personnel needs by assembling a precise mix of skills and personnel to help you complete your project.

With us, you have the capability of hiring a team of professionals that can tackle the projects that your IT department has neither the time nor resources to execute. Our L. Ortega & Associates team has the experience and knowledge to accomplish the task at hand and become the additional resources you require. This team or teams can handle your projects needs and complete the work rapidly and thoroughly, we understand that efficiency is a key factor in keeping your company running as effective and profitable as possible. Our staff can meet any security clearance or requirements that your company/organization may require from us.


Today’s ever-changing IT environment brings much more than just functional challenge for you to consider and evaluate, including: security, performance, speed, obsolescence, and data migration. L. Ortega & Associates can provide experienced consultant(s) that can handle large or small project to meet your growing business needs or help you stay one-step ahead of the competition. All in all, we can help you overcome the challenge which usually arises from the lack of knowledge, understanding, know-how of where to begin, or how accomplish something to fulfill your IT needs. In short, L. Ortega & Associates will set you on the right path and keep you on the road to success, because we believe that your success is our success!


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